Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A New Carve Above All The Rest

Los Angeles in California is were the manufacturing plant for the 1st slope cycle was built, on December 1st 2002 it was the first time that the company released it, its called the XR1. This bike slash board is easy and fun to ride it has a aircraft grade aluminum frame that makes it light and easy to maneuver and a full cap style snowboard. With a combining aspects of the bmx world and mountain bike and the carving made possible on the board. The nice thing about this slope cycle is that you don't need any accessories the only thing you need is the slope cycle and you can wear whatever kind of shoes or boots you want and there is no bindings that need to keep your feet in so it is easier to do freestyle tricks. The snow cycle is just like the bmx bikers in and are able to do most of the same tricks but the advantage of the snow cycle is that there is snow for a landing and it does not make for such a painful landing if you don't land it correctly. This sport is in the Olympics already as of 2002 and has been a craze for youth and young men mostly. The thing that most people like is that it is not a big sport yet and they get to be noticed out on the hill. The snow cycle is also allowed on any ski resort and is a sweet ride. I personally think that this sport would be awesome to try and wish that in my home town they would rent them out for people to try. This snow cycle is not yet sold world wide, just in North America is the main attraction for it.

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