Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ice crashing? What kind of a sport is it.

This new sport has become a huge thing for young generations. They thrill and the rush that it delivers is said to be so fantastic and that words themselves cant describe it. It is a sport that involves a cross between the sports of hockey, down hill skiing and boarder cross. It consists of 4 individuals at one time who race down a ice shoot, almost like a bobsled and they are allowed contact on to one another. The winner only moves on to the next round until all contestants have gone and then the fastest will become the winner. The run is different all the time so it is hard to know what kind of terian will be on your run, there can be drop offs or whoops or even jumps. In some of the races they even put in obsticals that you have to jump over. I would love to try this sport, just looking and watching the people put their lives on the line makes it look so amazing and intense. It just makes me want to try it because I am such an adrenalin rush type of person and it makes me want to do it just to see if I can in some way hurt myself. It is such a spectacular sport that i think everyone should at least watch it if not try at least once. This sprot will soon be brought to the olympics it is said because already all different countries are competeing in it and are having a blast. If it was up to me I think that I would make this sport come to all cities and make it well known world wide because everyone should get the chance to participate in it.

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Shelby said...

Although this sport does appear to be dangerous, I can see that this sport would be aweesome if it was played at the Olympics. Ice crashing does look like fun for people who enjoy adrenaline rushes, although maybe not for myself. I am quite excited to watch it in the near coming Olympics.