Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What do you get when you cross Snowboarding with hang gliding?

Hang boarding, its a new craze that many people are finding that its an indescribable experience and that they can only compare it to jumping out of a plane. Its a combination of a snowboard that you lay on and hang gliding. Its said that it takes a while to get used to being only a foot of the ground but once you get used to it then its hard to stop and go back and do other sports that you used to do before. I think that it would be an amazing feeling to be elevated a foot of the ground and swaying around corners. Its just like having a shut above holding you up the whole time. Don Arney is the maker of this product  and has made millions from his invention. He now has several houses his own helicopter and owns hotels. This is a unique little toy because you also have no brakes and all that you can do to stop or slow down is carve or flip yourself. This sport was made may 29Th in 2002 but the first one did not look anything like today's new and approved model. They have made it more durable and can withstand lots of impact. And it would be fun to do some of the tricks that they do on these hang boards. They make every thing look so easy when they do it but i think it would be quite hard to do some of the things that they are able to do. So if you are like me and like to try new things then this is something that i think you would enjoy this sport especially if you like things that give you an adrenalin rush because this is said to be one of the best adrenalin rushes ever.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Slam Ball!!! It says it all.

Slam ball is exactly what your thinking, its a hard hitting contact basketball game with trampolines that you jump off of. You can jump up to 15 feet away from the hoop and slam the ball in the hoop, but you have to be careful because there are professional players from all sports, like football, and they will lay you out if you are not watching. So stay on your feet and keep your head up. This consists of 4 players on each team and its an action filled sport. In the result of a penalty there is a one on one penalty shot where you and a defender go head on and you try to take it to the hoop. He has to try to stop you by doing whatever he can. The most exciting thing about this sport is being able to take your anger out on someone and being able to get away with it. The penalties are very minimum because your allowed so much contact, just don't hold on to the other person and you can do pretty much anything.  There are four tramps on each end by each basket and when your on the tramp you can pass the ball to yourself  and make a basket by ally ooping the ball to yourself.  I would love to play this sport with a bunch of friends and just hit each other. I think that it would be awesome and exciting and everyone would have a ball.  I think if you are an active person and like sports then you would like this. It is like a cross with football, hockey, basketball, and other sports as well so if you like contact sports this is the place for you to be. Even if you don't like to participate in contact sports I think that you would enjoy watching this sport.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A New Carve Above All The Rest

Los Angeles in California is were the manufacturing plant for the 1st slope cycle was built, on December 1st 2002 it was the first time that the company released it, its called the XR1. This bike slash board is easy and fun to ride it has a aircraft grade aluminum frame that makes it light and easy to maneuver and a full cap style snowboard. With a combining aspects of the bmx world and mountain bike and the carving made possible on the board. The nice thing about this slope cycle is that you don't need any accessories the only thing you need is the slope cycle and you can wear whatever kind of shoes or boots you want and there is no bindings that need to keep your feet in so it is easier to do freestyle tricks. The snow cycle is just like the bmx bikers in and are able to do most of the same tricks but the advantage of the snow cycle is that there is snow for a landing and it does not make for such a painful landing if you don't land it correctly. This sport is in the Olympics already as of 2002 and has been a craze for youth and young men mostly. The thing that most people like is that it is not a big sport yet and they get to be noticed out on the hill. The snow cycle is also allowed on any ski resort and is a sweet ride. I personally think that this sport would be awesome to try and wish that in my home town they would rent them out for people to try. This snow cycle is not yet sold world wide, just in North America is the main attraction for it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ice crashing? What kind of a sport is it.

This new sport has become a huge thing for young generations. They thrill and the rush that it delivers is said to be so fantastic and that words themselves cant describe it. It is a sport that involves a cross between the sports of hockey, down hill skiing and boarder cross. It consists of 4 individuals at one time who race down a ice shoot, almost like a bobsled and they are allowed contact on to one another. The winner only moves on to the next round until all contestants have gone and then the fastest will become the winner. The run is different all the time so it is hard to know what kind of terian will be on your run, there can be drop offs or whoops or even jumps. In some of the races they even put in obsticals that you have to jump over. I would love to try this sport, just looking and watching the people put their lives on the line makes it look so amazing and intense. It just makes me want to try it because I am such an adrenalin rush type of person and it makes me want to do it just to see if I can in some way hurt myself. It is such a spectacular sport that i think everyone should at least watch it if not try at least once. This sprot will soon be brought to the olympics it is said because already all different countries are competeing in it and are having a blast. If it was up to me I think that I would make this sport come to all cities and make it well known world wide because everyone should get the chance to participate in it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Future of Fighting in the NHL

We have heard of how Don Sanderson was killed in an on ice fight with another player.  He was fighting and when the other player punched him and he fell on to the ice he hit his head. And while he was still standing he lost his helmet and had no protection on his head resulting in a head injury.  They thought he was just knocked out at first but when they got to him and had a closer look and saw that he was dead it was a tragedy.  But what will happen to the sport of hockey now that this has happened, will the hockey board reconsider the amount of fighting that is allowed in hockey or if it will be allowed at all. I think that the reff's should not let the fights get so out of hand as some of them do.  Once the one player either tackles the other to the ice or drops him, then  they should be done completely. I dont think that fighting should be banned from hockey though i think that if they want to fight then let them so that they will be able to take their anger out on something. But if they were to consider banning fighting then what about other sports that also include fighting.  Should the fighting be allowed in other sports and not hockey were they are wearing so much protection yet they still dont think it is as safe as other sports. When someone else dies in a boxing rings or simular sports it is not such a big deal, But who are we then to take fighting out of the NHL. I think that we should just go on with the sport the way it is, as so many of the rules have been changed already.