Monday, April 27, 2009

Slam Ball!!! It says it all.

Slam ball is exactly what your thinking, its a hard hitting contact basketball game with trampolines that you jump off of. You can jump up to 15 feet away from the hoop and slam the ball in the hoop, but you have to be careful because there are professional players from all sports, like football, and they will lay you out if you are not watching. So stay on your feet and keep your head up. This consists of 4 players on each team and its an action filled sport. In the result of a penalty there is a one on one penalty shot where you and a defender go head on and you try to take it to the hoop. He has to try to stop you by doing whatever he can. The most exciting thing about this sport is being able to take your anger out on someone and being able to get away with it. The penalties are very minimum because your allowed so much contact, just don't hold on to the other person and you can do pretty much anything.  There are four tramps on each end by each basket and when your on the tramp you can pass the ball to yourself  and make a basket by ally ooping the ball to yourself.  I would love to play this sport with a bunch of friends and just hit each other. I think that it would be awesome and exciting and everyone would have a ball.  I think if you are an active person and like sports then you would like this. It is like a cross with football, hockey, basketball, and other sports as well so if you like contact sports this is the place for you to be. Even if you don't like to participate in contact sports I think that you would enjoy watching this sport.

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