Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Future of Fighting in the NHL

We have heard of how Don Sanderson was killed in an on ice fight with another player.  He was fighting and when the other player punched him and he fell on to the ice he hit his head. And while he was still standing he lost his helmet and had no protection on his head resulting in a head injury.  They thought he was just knocked out at first but when they got to him and had a closer look and saw that he was dead it was a tragedy.  But what will happen to the sport of hockey now that this has happened, will the hockey board reconsider the amount of fighting that is allowed in hockey or if it will be allowed at all. I think that the reff's should not let the fights get so out of hand as some of them do.  Once the one player either tackles the other to the ice or drops him, then  they should be done completely. I dont think that fighting should be banned from hockey though i think that if they want to fight then let them so that they will be able to take their anger out on something. But if they were to consider banning fighting then what about other sports that also include fighting.  Should the fighting be allowed in other sports and not hockey were they are wearing so much protection yet they still dont think it is as safe as other sports. When someone else dies in a boxing rings or simular sports it is not such a big deal, But who are we then to take fighting out of the NHL. I think that we should just go on with the sport the way it is, as so many of the rules have been changed already.


HeatherG said...

That was a very interesting point that you made about how there have been deaths in other sports due to fighting and no measures were taken to do anything about this problem. However, in the game of hockey I also believe that the fighting should still continue, but once their helmets come off the officials need to step in not matter what.

kirtis said...

I also I agree with your point. I don't think banning fighting in hockey would be a good idea. If they did the players would end up using more stick work and players would still end up getting hurt. Fighting has been in the sport from the very begining and players need it to vent their anger, I don't think fighting should be banned at all. Like u mentioned other sportd revolve around fighting, like boxing for example and there is no plans for banning that so why should fighting be taken out of hockey, it would just be a dumb idea.